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About Us
Cleantech Labs CDMX is an innovation center for the development and commercial scaling of clean technologies thorugh the usage of advanced manufacturing infrastructure. It was created by GreenMomentum with Materiam and promoted by the Government of Mexico City (CDMX) through the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO) and the Fund for Social Development (FONDESO), with the support of USAID.

Cleantech Labs CDMX is the first hard technology innovation center, aiming to promote the creation, strengthening and scaling of productive technology-based companies. It is part of the commitment of GreenMomentum, Materiam and the Government of Mexico City aligned with the development of low-carbon technological solutions that will allow Mexico to comply with its international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Cleantech Labs CDMX is the first urban facility for the development of prototypes, lab and field tests for disruptive innovations in the sectors of energy, water, waste management and transformation, mobility, green buildings, advanced manufacturing for the aerospace/automotive industry/electronics, medical devices, Internet of Things, as well as design and creative industries.
Working with PFAN-LAC to create the next breakthrough innovation model

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